Combining Yoga and Strength Conditioning


You are now entering the third week of our Body and Mind conditioning program for 2005. Week one introduced you to the cardio, interval training and conditioning program. Week two offered flexibility exercises and this week we address building strength in the large muscle groups of the lower body as well as adding resistance utilizing the strength tubing. The upper body strength targets the muscles of the shoulders, front, side and rear deltoids as well as the lats. The shoulder girdle muscles are active in every aspect of the golf swing and are responsible for maintaining the proper angle of the club at the top of the back swing.
Lets begin with the lunge series. Here are a few guidelines:
  • Breathing is essential for balance as well as getting maximum results. Exhale on the exertion segment of the exercise.

  • Maintain a 90-degree angle at the knee joint ' do not allow the knee to move forward or over the foot position.

  • Lunge through the full range of motion for ten to twenty repetitions and then hold the lunge position and pulse or pump quickly for twenty more reps (or until muscle failure).

Crescent Lunges and Bicep Curls:

Crescent Lunges and Bicep Curls

Place the tubing under the left foot as you then step the left foot forward, brining the right heel off the floor. Tuck the elbows into the waist line. Inhale deeply as you lunge down and complete the bicep curl. Exhale as you return to the starting position. Repeat as recommended and switch sides.
Crescent Lunges with Side Arm Raises:

Crescent Lunges with Side Arm Raises

Inhale and lunge down as you lift the arms to the side. Bring the arms to shoulder height on the exhale and repeat. Switch sides.
Triangle Pose with Upright Rows:

Triangle Pose with Upright Rows

Place the left foot forward, tubing under the left foot and place the handles in the right hand. Rotate the right leg inward. Slide the left hand down the leg until you feel the stretch in the hamstrings and inner thighs. Revolve the torso towards the floor. Inhale deeply and on the exhale pull the right arm towards the ceiling (leading with the elbow). Repeat ten to twenty times and switch sides.
Chair Pose / Squats with Front Raises:

Chair Pose / Squats with Front Raises

Place the tubing under both feet, backs of the hands face the ceiling. Inhale and squat as you lift the arms to shoulder height. Note: Imagine you are sitting on a chair with the weight in the heels. Pull the navel inward to protect the low back.
Exhale and return to the original position. Remember to pulse in the seated position for twenty, fast reps.
Let me know about your progress and I look forward to seeing you live from the PGA Show on The Golf Channel the week of January 27th!
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