Common Swing Flaws Coming Over the Top


The next series of articles will focus on common swing flaws and the physical relationships to those flaws. Over the years I've had the privilege of working with thousands of golfers, assisting them in the process of alleviating their swing flaws. In the past, we did not have the benefits of technology to evaluate their issues. However, now I use 3D motion-analysis, as well as physical assessments, to make the correlation between swing flaws and their physical mobility and stability restrictions. There is no doubt in my mind that restrictions and weaknesses in the body are the biggest contributor of swing flaws. For example, if you cannot get your torso to make a turn, cannot rotate your hips, or you are out of balance, swing flaws will occur.
Lets look at some of the physical correlations of coming over the top:
  • Hip immobility

  • Lack of glute and lower body strength

  • Trunk mobility

  • Shoulder mobility

  • Inefficient kinematic sequencing

  • The last two weeks we targeted flexibility and strength in the hips so this week will address trunk mobility, specifically the lats. The lats are the large muscles of the back. Flexibility in the lat muscles enables you to experience bigger turn and a full golf swing.
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    Lets get started!
    Lat reach and stretch:
    Sit back on your heels and stretch your arms towards the front of your yoga mat. Come high onto our finger tips and focus on the stretch in your shoulders and lats. Maintain the connection between your hips and your heels and walk the hands to the right. Hold for five breaths and switch sides.

    Twisting table position:
    Begin on your hands and knees, placing the right shoulder behind your head. Inhale deeply as you rotate your spine from the base of your spine towards the ceiling.
    Exhale as you tuck your right shoulder under your left arm. Repeat this movement dynamically (inhaling as you rotate towards the ceiling, exhaling as you tuck your right shoulder under) and repeat ten times on each side.

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