Core Strength Posture Week 1


My strength comes from my abdomen. Its the center of gravity and the source of real power - - Bruce Lee
This quote it borrowed from a book written by a good friend and functional movement specialist Gray Cook. The description of the power and stability generated from the core is consistent with the guiding principles of yoga. The pelvic floor and TVA (transverse abdominus) is the key to maintaining proper posture and a consistent turn in your swing.
Additional golf benefits include:
  • Low back pain is often a direct correlation to weakness in the core stability and strength.

  • Golfers with strong core strength and strong lumbar spine strength demonstrated more truck velocity or speed in their swing.

  • Core stability maintains proper posture and supports a more consistent swing plane.
This week begins a new series of core stabilization and posture based yoga poses.
Remember the quality of the movement is more important than momentum. For example I prefer you move with focused intention and proper alignment than to use momentum to move the body.

Before you begin any movement that involves the core draw the navel towards the spine, slightly tuck the tailbone and lift the ribcage off the spine. Initiate the movement from the core allowing the arm to follow the trunk. Do not let the arm move separately from the body.
Warrior II with Core Rotation:

Yoga for Golfers

Place the right foot forward at a ninety degree angle as you internally rotate your left leg and left foot. Place the hamstring on the top of the balance ball. Bring your right elbow to your right knee and lift your right shoulder away from your right ear.
If you wish to increase the intensity of this pose place a light weight or weighted ball in the hand of the extended arm.
Yoga for Golfers Yoga for Golfers

On the inhalation rotate the trunk towards the floor and on the exhalation return to the starting, fully extended position. Repeat five to ten times and switch sides. Focus on the muscles of the core, trunk, shoulders and lower body.
Note: This week I will be playing in the Monday After the Masters event. Considering I am the ONLY female celebrity playing in the event I will be utilizing all my breathing techniques to calm the first tee jitters! Please put me in your thoughts and send me lots of light! See you on The Golf Channel.
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