Cultivating a Balanced Golfer Week 1


Yoga for golfers offers a unique perspective to golf ' physical, mental and universal laws all play a part in my golf performance programs. Twenty years of performance coaching has lead me to development an innovative and comprehensive conditioning / performance program that enhances total performance, body and mind. The methodologies in this series have been taught to many PGA professionals as well as some of the best NCAA and professional coaches in the field. They are using the tools as a spring board to greater understanding of how we can cultivate maximum performance.
Over the next few weeks will examine the five components of a balanced golfer, assess your current status of strengths and challenges and suggest tools to help you cultivate more balance, thus becoming a more rounded, complete golfer. This process is about awareness ' with awareness we cultivated change. I will ask you step outside of your traditional paradigm and ask you to be open to the process. For the first time in five years of writing for you will require only two pieces of equipment, pen and paper.
The first phase of the process is to work with the five components of a balanced golfer, then work with the characteristics of two iconic figures as our role models, the tiger and the Buddha. We will determine which characteristics most resemble you on and off the course. My experience proves that how we show up in life is exactly how we show up on the tee box.
Lets look at the five components:
1.Your internal belief systems. Do you feel worthy of success?
2.Cultivating joy. Do you feel a sense of joy on the golf course or are you continually frustrated?
3.Have you experienced a sense of universal alignment on the course? Experienced the zone?
4.Are you more of a mechanical or instinctual golfer?
5.Are you more tiger or Buddha in your approach to the game? Do you have balance in your bag, meaning can you dig deep and get competitive when necessary as well as access a calm, focused, fully present state on the greens? Your ability to access both strengths is critical for success ' on and off the course.
Lets get started!

Week One:
Your belief system ' are you worthy of success?
Recently a collegiate golfer came to see me for a coaching session. I always begin my sessions with an interview. My perspective is much more than the physical. I am assessing your thought process, past experiences, belief systems, motivation, life skills, level of passion, etc. When we began to discuss his tournament play it was apparent to me that he was experiencing fear of success. We often focus on fear of failure but fear of success is equally if not more powerful. With success comes responsibility, higher goals, more training, more attention directed at you, etc. When I specifically asked him what success would look like he shared many of the same concepts stated above. He would be held to a higher standard, the bar would be raised, the pressure to win greater. Frankly he was more comfortable in his current state of affairs than winning, thus he continued to lose big tournaments in the last two holes.
To develop a greater understanding of your thought process write down your thoughts, emotions, pre-conceived notions on the concept of winning. This process should include not only your game but your feelings as it relates to business, family and children.
Keep a journal of your thoughts. Next week we look at tips for cultivating more joy on the course.
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See you on The Turn!
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