Cultivating a Balanced Golfer Week 2


Cultivating More Joy on the Course
Yoga for golfers offers a unique perspective to golf ' physical, mental and universal laws all play a part in my golf performance programs. Twenty years of performance coaching has lead me to development an innovative and comprehensive conditioning / performance program that enhances total performance, body and mind. The methodologies in this series have been taught to hundreds of PGA professionals as well as some of the best NCAA and professional coaches in the field. They are using the tools as a spring board to greater understanding of how we can cultivate maximum performance.
Over the next few weeks will examine the five components of a balanced golfer, assess your current status of strengths and challenges and suggest tools to help you cultivate more balance, thus becoming a more rounded, complete golfer. This process is about awareness ' with awareness we cultivated change. I will ask you step outside of your traditional paradigm and ask you to be open to the process. For the first time in five years of writing for you will require only two pieces of equipment, pen and paper
This week we look at the concept of cultivating joy, or more enjoyment on the course.
Do you feel a sense of joy on the golf course or are you continually frustrated?
In my book Yoga for Golfers ' A Unique Mind/Body Approach to Golf Fitness we look more closely at these concepts.
So often we see golfers walking on the fairway between shots. Angry, head down, quickened pace. (Trust me, Ive been there too!) Usually this attitude is a result of the last bad golf shot. What can we do to regroup, refocus our attention on the immediate task at hand and cultivate more enjoyment?
The first and most powerful tool to readjusting the mind is to focus on breathing. As I have said many times before, your breathing is a mirror to the mind. When we are frustrated and angry our breathing becomes more rapid, agitated, sapping our body and mind of critical energy and focus.

Here are some quick tips for getting back in the game and to help you remember the joys of golf.
1.Lift your head and look out onto the horizon. Take in the natural beauty of the course, the water, the wildlife, the sun.
2.Begin to take long, slow deep breaths ' in and out through your nose.
3.Visualize your body releasing tension.
4.Focus on the feeling of your foot striking the ground as you walk and try to match your breathing to your gait.
5.Slow down.
Please keep in touch with me and share your challenges as well as your successes.
See you this week on The Turn!
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