Cultivating a Balanced Golfer Week 3


Perfect Alignment ' Effortless Power
Yoga for golfers offers a unique perspective to golf ' physical, mental and universal laws all play a part in my golf performance programs. Twenty years of performance coaching has lead me to development an innovative and comprehensive conditioning / performance program that enhances total performance, body and mind. The methodologies in this series have been taught to many PGA professionals as well as some of the best NCAA and professional coaches in the field. They are using the tools as a spring board to greater understanding of how we can cultivate maximum performance.
Over the next few weeks will examine the five components of a balanced golfer, assess your current status of strengths and challenges and suggest tools to help you cultivate more balance, thus becoming a more rounded, complete golfer. This process is about awareness ' with awareness we cultivated change. I will ask you step outside of your traditional paradigm and ask you to be open to the process. For the first time in five years of writing for you will require only two pieces of equipment, pen and paper.
Our question for the week:
Have you experienced a sense of universal alignment on the course? Experienced the zone?
The concept of the zone is perhaps one of the most revered and one of the most fleeting experiences we can have on the course. You know when you are in the zone when you experience what I call effortless power, when all the elements of peak performance are in perfect alignment. How do we get into the zone?

This is what I refer to as the three Ps:
1. Practice ' Practice with intention. Practice with a goal in mind, as if you are setting up each shot on the course. Standing over balls and mindlessly grinding out shot after shot does not prepare you for the reality of course management.
2. Preparation ' Prepare the body by committing to a simple flexibility and strengthening program. Practice your golf fitness program three to four days a week and spend fifteen minutes warming up before you hit the course.
3. Psychology of performance ' Use your breathing to refocus the mind, maintain energy and most importantly remember to have FUN!
See you this week on The Turn!
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