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The golf swing requires a tremendous amount of balance. We may not always know when we feel balanced but it is glaringly evident when we are out of balance. What is the best way to facilitate better balance?
Practice weight distribution awareness exercises, try lifting your right leg off the ground in your finish position and include balance conditioning while you are exercising. Specifically, when you are in the gym, balance on one leg while performing your weight training sets. This not only challenges your balance it forces your body to activate your core stabilizing muscles, essential for a solid golf swing and protection of your lumbar spine.
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Lets get started!
Weight distribution awareness:
Stand with your feet hip distance apart. Place your attention on your feet. Is your weight more in your right or left foot? Is there more weight in your heel or ball of your foot? Now close your eyes for 30 seconds and again place your awareness on your feet. Determine where your weight is distributed with the eyes closed.

Single leg balance exercise with right leg lifted:
Lift your right leg off the floor, hand on your knee. Hold for 60 second and close your eyes for 30 seconds. Switch sides.

Single leg balance with ball and spinal rotation:
Place your left heel on a step (par level) or stability ball (birdie/eagle level), club placed at shoulder height. Inhale deeply and on your exhale rotate your trunk to the right. Hold for five breaths and rotate to the left. Switch legs and repeat.

Single leg balance with golf club:
Birdie/eagle level:
Begin with the club above your head, shoulder width apart. Engage your core, shift your weight into one leg. Begin to lower your upper body towards the floor as you lift your back leg off the floor. Keep the hip pointing towards the floor, flex your back foot. Hold for five to ten breaths and switch sides.

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