Easy Pose Series - Week 1


Work on your game anywhere! This series is great for seniors and the physically challenged golfer.
One of my favorite aspects of yoga is that what appears to be very easy on the outside is actually very physically active on the inside. Yoga always begins with breathing and the core. Imagine that every movement begins from the deep, internal core and moves outward. When practicing this weeks poses it is important to draw the navel towards the spine, telescope the ribcage up, roll the shoulders back, elongate the neck and then perform the exercise. Done correctly this action will be very physically active and require focus on your breathing.
Easy pose:

Easy pose

Sitting at the end of the chair sit up as tall as possible and engage the gluts. Feel as if you are pulling the gluts under, hips tilt forward slightly and imagine a string pulling you upwards. Imagine you are creating space between each vertebra. Hold for ten to fifteen breaths or hold as long as possible. Repeat five times.
Note: I do this pose in the car, in the office and on an airplane.
Easy pose with a twist:

Easy pose with a twist

Continue from the easy pose as you inhale, lifting the ribcage. Exhale and twist to the left. Utilize your arm for greater intensity in the pose. Return to the starting position and repeat five times. Switch sides.
Easy pose with crossed arms and a twist:

Easy pose with crossed arms and a twist

This pose requires more core strength to maintain strong, stable posture while seated. Inhale as you lift the ribcage, exhale while you twist. Return to the starting position. Repeat five times and switch sides.
Seated quad extension:

Seated Quad ExtensionSeated Quad Extension

Sitting on the edge of the seat, slowly extend the leg out with the foot flexed. Lift the leg as high as possible while maintaining your core stability. Now point the foot and return to the starting position. Repeat ten times switching sides.
Do these exercises everyday when you need a break from your seated routine. You will be building strength in your core, posture and legs.all while seated!
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