Easy Pose Series - Week 2


The Core Hitters Workout
To gain the maximum amount of power in your swing you must have a strong core. Scientific research proves that the golf swing begins from the oblique muscles of the core and the explosive power required to generate club head speed originates from the core. This week begins a series that targets your core with focused dynamic exercises which support flexibility, combined with explosive movements. This core series can be done at home or on the road and will keep you fit during the upcoming winter months.

TVA (Transverse abdominus) Tilt:

TVA (Transverse abdominus) Tilt

Par Level: Place your feet on the edge of the chair. Inhale deeply and as you exhale press your navel towards your spine, maintaining a slight tilt in the pelvis. Release and repeat ten to twenty times.
Bridge pose / Glut lift:

Bridge pose / Glut lift:

Continue the pelvis rotation and action in the TVA. Inhale as you focus on squeezing the gluts and exhale as you lift the hips off the floor. Repeat ten times and then hold the pose. Pulse the gluts slightly up and down quickly at the top of the pose position for ten repetitions. Your gluts and lower abdominals ought to feel fatigued after this pose.
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