Eight Minutes to a Better Swing - Week 6


Follow through / Finish position
One of my DVDs is designed to address one lifes biggest challenges ' time! Eight Minutes to a Better Swing provides ten, 8-10 minute sequences of exercises targeting every part of your body. From the hips, back and trunk, to balance and pre-round warm-up, the DVD is intended to give you quick, simple solutions. www.YogaForGolfers.com This week continues our new series based on a sequence of exercises requiring a minimal amount of time. If you have eight to ten minutes, I have the program for you!
Lets take a closer took at the biomechanics involved at your follow through position.
The following is an excerpt from the Golf Biomechanics section of my book Yoga for Golfers ' A Unique Mind/Body Approach to Golf Fitness.
Follow-through or finish position:
Definition: The phase of the golf swing past impact.
The follow-through or finish involves a full rotation of the body towards the target. Provided that this rotation occurs with the spine in a straight position, the finish is usually well tolerated and produces minimal stress. A follow-through position consisting of either excessive side bending or excessive arching of the spine (reverse-C) can lead to pain or injury.
Summary of Follow-through or finish Biomechanics
This is the slowing down or decelerating phase of the golf swing
The pelvis and trunk have turned towards the target
The left hip rotates, straightens and moves towards the midline of the body while the right hip moves to a neutral position facing the target.
The left knee straightens while the right knee remains bent with balance on the toes
The spine maintains a neutral or slightly side bent position towards the right
The shoulders move in reverse motion of the backswing with the club finishing overhead.
Summary of Muscle Activity
Ideally, as the club moves through ball impact it is accelerating.
Post impact the club will immediately begin to decelerate.
The muscles that are active during this phase of the golf swing work together providing two specific functions:
Rotation of the body to a balanced finish position.
The golfer needs to maintain support, approximately 95% of the golfers body weight, on the left leg as they finish the golf swing.
The ability to complete this activity requires strength and balance of the hip and trunk muscles.
Deceleration of the body as the golf club is moved to a position over the left shoulder.
Lets get started!

Hip flexor and balance pose:
This pose is very effective as it combines increased hip flexibility, balance and leg strength!
Place your yoga strap around your right ankle, arm is externally rotated. Balance on your left leg, extending your left arm and press your right foot into your strap. Engage your glut and press your right hip towards the front of your mat. Hold for five to ten breaths and switch sides.


Crescent side stretch and intercostals stretch:
This pose increases the range of motion in your intercostals, lats and shoulders.
Standing with the feet slightly wider than hip width apart, slightly bend the knees and pull the navel towards the spine. Grab your right wrist with your left hand and ground down with the right leg. Inhale deeply and on your exhale stretch over to the left side. Hold for five breaths and switch sides. Tip: I love this stretch for the practice tee!

Finally my suggestion is to include the back strengthening pose, the Locust pose from last week for more core strength.
See you this week on The Turn!
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