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Address Posture
This week I had the pleasure of presenting my golf fitness programs to the PGA of British Columbia. I love working with golf instructors because my philosophies are based on a triad of maximum performance ' the physical and mental aspects of the golfer, intertwined with golf instruction and equipment. When I asked the instructors what do they think is the biggest obstacle for their students with regards to golf fitness the overwhelming response was a lack of time. Trust me.I understand the value of time!
Recently a new client was referred to me. Jack was 62 years old and was struggling in his swing with back pain. As with all of my students when Jim arrived at my studio I performed a series of assessments designed to determine his mobility and stability challenges. It was immediately apparent that Jacks lack of flexibility and strength, primarily in his hips and back was one of the main issues contributing to his back pain. I asked if he was willing to commit ten minutes a day to his golf fitness program. He obliged. Who does not have eight to ten minutes a day to insure better performance, enjoyment and a pain-free round? How about you?
One of my DVDs is designed to address such a challenge. Eight Minutes to a Better Swing provides ten, 8-10 minute sequences of exercises targeting every part of your body. From the hips, back and trunk, to balance and pre-round warm-up, the DVD is intended to give you quick solutions. www.YogaForGolfers.com This week launches a new series based on a similar philosophy. If you have eight to ten minutes, I have the program for you!
Considering we are at week one I fell it is appropriate to begin at the first phase of your swing, the address position.
Lets get started!

Cat/cow Pose:
Targets the hips, activates the gluts, stretches the muscles of the back and upper neck, and strengthens the hands and wrists.

Begin on all fours, hands placed under your shoulders, knees under your hips. Keep the arms straight. On the inhale press your spine towards the floor, roll the shoulders away from your ears, lift the head slightly. Do not hyper-extend the neck. Exhale and you pull your navel in, squeeze the gluts, tuck the chin in and press your spine towards the ceiling. Move slowly in this pose. Repeat ten to fifteen times.
Modified Cobra Pose:
Strengthens the gluts, muscles of the back including the thoracic spine and stretches the tops of the feet. Strengthens the hands, wrists and triceps.

Begin on your bell, legs together and hands placed next to the chest. Squeeze the legs together, engage the gluts. On your exhalation lift the chest off the floor. Hold for two breaths and repeat five times. Note: Do not hyper-extend the neck.

Supine Chest Opener on the Ball:

Begin by sitting on the ball and slowly roll down until the neck is supported on the ball. Engage the gluts and lift the hips, brining your lower body parallel to the floor. Extend the arms perpendicular to your body, focusing on the stretch in the upper chest. Hold for five breaths and repeat three times.
Next week we target the take away phase of the swing! See you this week on The Turn!
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