Eight Minutes a Day to a Better Swing Series


For this eight week series put yourself first for eight minutes a day. The one constant in my life is the two hours everyday I devote to exercise (and my dogs!). My commitment is not negotiable and I often schedule my appointments around my yoga fitness time. I am sensitive to the time limitations we all face. So, all you need over next eight weeks is eight minutes a day.
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Eight Minutes a Day to a Better Swing Series

Each week will target specific phases of the swing and the areas of the body necessary to successfully execute the swing. The biomechanical information on the eight positions of the swing can fill a library but I have modified them for our purposes. In my upcoming book I explain the biomechanics in more detail. Although I am an avid golfer (if the truth be known I am a fanatical golfer) and an expert in the biomechanics of the swing, I am not a teacher of the golf swing. Please see your PGA teaching professional for specific questions regarding your swing mechanics.
Eight Minutes a Day to a Better Swing Series


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