Faults Fixes - Week 1 - Sway


This week launches a series of articles focusing on common swing flaws and the yoga-based exercises to overcome these specific challenges. Due to the complex biomechanics of the golf swing, many parts of the body play a part in swing flaws. For our purposes, this series focuses on the most common areas affecting your swing.
Sway refers to the inability to rotate the hips due to a lack of flexibility and causes the hips to sway outside of the normal range. Additionally a lack of strength in the gluts inhibits control of the hips and depletes power and distance. Golf professionals often discuss optimal hip rotation as a 45 degree angle while the shoulders rotate to a 90 degree angle. Now lets face it.we are not Tiger Woods or Ernie Els, but we can do our best to access maximum power and distance from your hip function.
Physical factors effecting sliding or sway:
  • Flexibility and strength in the hips.

  • Hip adduction (inner thigh) and abduction (outer thigh) mobility

  • Internal and external rotators of the hips

  • Lack of strength in the gluts

  • Lack of flexibility in the psoas
Hip Lifts
Par level

Hip Lifts

Bend the right knee, placing the right foot next to the left knee. Inhale deeply and on the exhalation slightly lift the right hip.
Hip Lifts

Inhale and return to the starting position. On the next exhalation, lift the hips higher. Move slowly and breathe deeply. Switch sides.
Modified Lunge pose against the wall
All levels

Modified Lunge

Begin on all fours and place the top of the left foot against the wall. (For a more challenging position place the foot on a Thera-Ball) Inhale deeply and on the exhale press the top of the foot into the wall while you press your hip towards the floor. Inhale and release the stretch exhale and repeat. Continue for five to ten reps and switch sides.
Double Pigeon pose
Birdie and Eagle levels

Double Pigeon

Place the left leg forward, the right leg back and bend both knees at a 90 degree angle. Press the hips towards the front foot and feel the stretch in the hips. For a deeper stretch begin to fold the body over the front leg. Hold for five deep breaths and switch sides.
Bridge pose on the ball
All levels

Power Glutes

Place both feet, hip width apart on the Thera-Ball. (Par level: Place feet flat on the floor, heels placed close to the glutes)
Power Glutes

Inhale, drawing the navel towards the spine, exhale and lift the hips. Focus on the power in the gluts. Inhale and bring the hips down, exhale and lift again. Repeat ten times.
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