Fifteen minutes to better flexibility Workout 1


Flex-Fit for Golf ' Fifteen minutes to better flexibility ' Workout 1
The older we get the more quickly time passes. We need to use our time efficiently.
Lets say you have one hour, four days a week to workout. How much time do you devote to your cardio, flexibility, strength, core work and practicing your swing?
I coach my students to incorporate a minimum of fifteen minutes out of their work out hour to flexibility conditioning. This week Ill share with you half of the fifteen minute sequence I use with many of my students. Note: Many of the same exercises I am sharing with you I use with The Padres and The Dodgers during their spring training sessions with me.
Areas of the body that will benefit from this series:
' Lumbar spine (low back)
'Thoracic spine (mid back)
'Lats (the big muscles of the back)
'Hands and wrists
Lets get started!


Begin on all fours and place the hands under the shoulders. Inhale as you press your spine towards the floor (keep your arms straight). Exhale, pull your belly towards your spine and press your spine towards the ceiling, tucking your chin into your chest. Repeat five to ten times.


Childs pose with lat and shoulder stretch

Sit your glutes back on to your heels and press your arms forward. Place the hands as wide as your yoga mat and relax your head. Hold for five breaths and walk the hands to the left. Focus on the stretch in the right shoulder, lat and low back. Hold for three breaths and switch sides.



Begin on your belly, hands placed next to your shoulders, elbows tucked against your body.

Cobra pose:
Squeeze the legs together, engage your glutes and on your exhale lift your chest off the floor. Hold for five breaths and repeat three times.


Down dog pose

Begin on all fours with the hands placed as wide as your yoga mat, fingers spread wide.

Down dog pose:
Lift the hips off the floor, press your hands forward and feel as if your weight is more in your lower body and not the upper body. Relax your head and neck and straighten your legs. Eventually your heels will touch the floor. Hold for five to ten breaths.

Hamstring stretch with blocks

Sit back on your left knee and straighten your right leg. Flex your right foot towards you and engage your right quad. Use yoga blocks under your hands if your hands do not reach the floor. Hold for five deep breaths and switch sides.

Keep watching for workout 2, coming up next week!

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