Fifteen minutes to better flexibility Workout 2


The older we get, the more quickly time passes. We need to use our time efficiently.
Lets say you have one hour, four days a week to workout. How much time do you devote to your cardio, flexibility, strength, core work and practicing your swing?
I coach my students to incorporate a minimum of fifteen minutes out of their work out hour to flexibility conditioning. This week Ill share with you the second half of the fifteen minute sequence I use with many of my students. Note: Many of the same exercises I am sharing with you I use with The San Diego Padres and The LA Dodgers during their spring training sessions with me.
Areas of the body that will benefit from this series:
' Lumbar spine (low back)
' Thoracic spine (mid back)
' Lats (the big muscles of the back)
' Hips
' Hamstrings
' Achilles
' Shoulders
' Hands and wrists
' Feet
Last week we targeted the spine, lats and one exercise for the shoulders and hamstrings.
This week we focus on the hips, shoulders and trunk for more turn!

Dynamic kneeling lunge for the hips:

Begin with the right knee forward, hands on your waist. Pull your navel towards your spine and maintain an upright posture. Inhale your lunge deeper into your right knee, feeling the stretch on the left hip and quad. Exhale as you return to the starting position. Repeat five to ten times and switch sides.


Shoulder circles for the shoulders and upper back:

This shoulder series increase flexibility AND strength in the shoulders and upper back.
Stay in the lunge position and lift the arms to shoulder height. Circle the arms twenty times in small, tight clockwise circles. Repeat this exercise counter clockwise twenty times.
Pulse the arms forward and backward for twenty repetitions.
Switch legs and repeat.


The Turn for more trunk rotation and hip stability:

Keep the arms extended and slowly rotate your trunk to the right and left. Try to keep the hips as stationary as possible. Repeat five times slowly and once you have mastered the exercise repeat ten more times with as much speed as possible while you stabilize the hips. Switch legs and repeat the entire sequence.


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