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Last night I conducted a YFG workshop in Vancouver, BC. I begin all my workshops by asking my students why they are in the workshop and what do they hope to gain from the experience. In addition to more flexibility and a quiet mind, the topic of gaining more distance is a close third. Whether I am in the US, Canada or overseas golfers seem to want the same thing ' more distance. This is the guiding principle behind our new DVD ' More Power and Distance.
When I work with older golfers, one of the biggest complaints is the lack of distance off the tee of or the lack of strength needed to hit out of the rough or heavy sand. Research proves that as we age two factors may contribute to losing distance ' lack of range of motion in the trunk and loss of upper body strength and flexibility.
This week we add to last weeks core strengthening series by including exercises for the upper body as well as the revolving triangle pose with the chair for more mobility in the trunk.
Here we go!
Shoulder warm-up exercise:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

This pose warms up the muscles of the shoulders, pecs and triceps.
Par Level: Begin by sitting on the edge of the chair and engage your abdominals to stabilize your trunk. Lift the ribcage off the waist. Extend the arms to shoulder height and move the arms forward and backward. Begin slowly and once you are warmed up speed up the pace. Pump the arms for twenty-five to fifty repetitions.
Tricep / Upper Arm flexibility:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Par Level: Turn your left palm towards you and lift the arm over your head.
TIP: Keep the left shoulder down and focus on the stretch originating from the lats and not jamming the trap against your ear. Place the right hand on the left elbow and move the hand down the back. Hold for five breaths, switch sides and repeat three times.
Katherine Roberts

Birdie Level: For more extension and stretch in the intercostals, bend to the right side, feeling the stretch on the left. Hold for three breaths and repeat three times.
Dynamic, revolving triangle pose with the chair:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Step the right foot back and slightly internally rotate the right leg and foot. Pull the right hip back and left hip slightly forward. Engage the navel towards the spine, hinge at the hips and maintain a flat back.
Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Now bring the elbows to the chair. Initiate the rotation from the base of your spine and rotate to the right. Bring the left arm up and hold for three breaths, repeat three to five times and switch sides.
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