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Perfect posture? Last weeks article is a perfect introduction to this weeks article on the importance of proper posture while walking. As I reminisce as a child playing golf with my father I barely remember using a golf cart. (Perhaps he was fearful that I would tip the cart which did occur).
Living in Scottsdale does not provide much opportunity for walking the course. Most courses require that you use a cart, primarily due to the pace of play.
There is nothing worse than slow play but frankly walking the course is a completely different animal than riding. Walking supports your rhythm, tempo, sense of connectedness to the earth, forces deep breathing, provides cardiovascular conditioning and brings a meditative quality to your game.
This summer I played most of my golf on the Sunshine Coast of BC, just outside of Vancouver and every round I walked as I did with my father. This was truly a joyous experience. Being a student of human motion, I noticed most of the golfers had trouble maintaining proper posture as they walked the course. Combine all four weeks of our Fit over 50 and 60 program and you now have a comprehensive series of exercises intended to support you walking posture.
This week our yoga poses targeting your upper body, shoulders, hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, Achilles and feet.
Remember these tips:
  • Move from your core
  • Pay attention to your posture
  • Breathe deeply
  • Focus on the striking the entire foot from heel through toes
  • Stretch the feet, Achilles, hamstrings and hips before and during the round.
    Quick Tip: How do you know if you are engaging your core? Try this test.slowly walk backwards, focus your attention on the core abdominals and on striking the foot from the toes through the heels.
    Upper Body Chest Opener using the wall:

    Katherine Roberts

    Step the right leg forward and bend the right knee slightly. Pull the navel towards the spine and bring the hand against the wall, below shoulder height.
    Tip: You should not feel as if you are scrunching the shoulder but rather the shoulder is moving down.
    Katherine Roberts

    Activate your core, press your hand into the wall and on the exhalation revolve your chest towards the front of the room. Hold for two deep breaths, relax and repeat this DYNAMIC movement five times.
    On Course Tip: This pose can be modified for use on the course by utilizing the vertical stanchion of the golf cart as leverage instead of the wall.

    Standing Downward Dog pose with the club:

    Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

    Place your hands on the grip and walk your feet back approximately four to five feet. Step the feet wider than hip width apart and lower the upper body parallel to the floor. Focus on supporting the lumbar spine by engaging the core, flex the quads and relax the neck. Hold for five deep breaths making this stretch STATIC.
    Lunges while coming up onto the toes and pressing the hips forward:

    Katherine Roberts

    Step your right foot forward and left foot back. Bring the right leg to a ninety degree angle. If necessary use the club for balance. Bend the left leg and pull the navel towards the spine. Lift the left heel as high as possible stretching the Achilles tendons, calves and feet. On the exhalation press the left hip forward. Hold for two breaths, relax and repeat the DYNAMIC movement five times.
    Next week we begin a new series targeting strength and flexibility of the spine!
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