Fit Over 50 and 60 - You Can Do It


Aging is not what is used to be. Fifty is the new thirty and sixty is the new forty!
The baby boomer generation is more fit than ever. Disposable income and extra time are spent on enhancing the quality ones life, not sitting around waiting for life to end. In golf, consider the level of fitness of many of the senior Tour players such as Jay Haas, Tom Kite, Gary Player, Gary McCord, etc... Not only are these guys good, the players who have made a commitment to their fitness are playing better and playing with longevity and they are experiencing tremendous success.
There are a few points to consider if you are embarking on a fitness program and you are over the age of 60.
  1. Go slowly and increase your activity level such as reps or walking distance by 10% per week.

  3. Wear a heart rate monitor

  5. Strength training should consist of higher reps, focusing on the quality of the movement. Do not use momentum to lift the weights.

  7. Never skip flexibility conditioning.

  9. 30 minutes of moderate activity three times a week is a good minimum of cardiovascular exercise.

  11. Training should include strength training, flexibility and balance conditioning.

  13. Get lots of rest between workouts.

  15. The body repairs itself during sleep ' get 7-8 hours of quality sleep.
This week begins a new series entitled Fit over 50 and 60. This series provides golfers with the fundamentals of Yoga for Golfers fitness and presents the content through a slow progression of exercises. For years my programs begin with the Par level, increase in intensity to the Birdie and finally theEagle level.
My intention is to provide you with the support you need to develop your maximum performance on the course and to create a balanced life off the course. Remember the practice of yoga is based on one guiding principle ' breathing. Breathe deeply, in and out through the nose and focus your mind on the expansion and contraction of the diaphragm. Yoga breathing increases blood flow to the muscles, calms the nervous system and quiets the mind!
This week we begin by focusing on another fundamental of the practice of yoga ' core stabilization through the lower abdominals, specifically the area located below the navel and above the pubic bone. Learning to stabilize and strengthen this area of the core, draws more energy up the spine, strengthens the pelvic floor and enables you to harness your core strength for more power, distance and consistency!
As you practice these yoga poses, do not allow the spine to rock from side to side. Think strength through stabilization!
Lets get started!
Seated core stabilization:
Par Level

Katherine Roberts

Sit on the edge of the chair, feet placed flat on the floor. Place the hands on the lower belly and feel the navel draw towards your spine without tucking your pelvis.
Katherine Roberts

Lift the ribcage off the waist. SLOWLY, lift the left foot two to three inches off the floor. Hold for a count of five and SLOWLY lower the leg. Switch sides and repeat five times.
Katherine Roberts

Supine core stabilization:
Par / Birdie Levels

Katherine Roberts

On your back, bend the knees and place the feet flat on the floor. Press your hands against your belly as you press your navel AND your ribcage into the floor.
Katherine Roberts

Lift the left leg two to three inches off the floor, hold for a count of five and SLOWLY lower the leg. Switch sides and repeat five times.
Katherine Roberts

Supported, seated hamstring stretch at the wall:
Par Level

Katherine Roberts

Sit with your spine against the wall; place the hands next to your buttocks. Draw the navel towards your spine, lift the ribcage up, flex the feet towards you and flex the quads. Roll your shoulders back and down.
Note: Do not go to the point of pain! Hold for five breaths, relax and repeat three to five times.
Next week we address an issue facing many older golfers ' your hips!
I thank you all for the continuous flow of performance and wellness questions. Keep them coming.your questions maybe answered on Your Game Night!
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