Fit for Winter 2006 Week 2


Over the last twenty years I have coached thousands of individuals on peak performance, on and off their particular playing field. One consistent question from my clients is how to safely and effectively lose weight.
Katherine RobertsHere are a few basic guidelines:
1. If your output is much greater than your input you will gain weight. Although it is challenging to effectively burn calories, cardiovascular conditioning is critical for weight loss. The KR Total Fitness Treadmill workout is outlined below.
2. Eat six small meals a day vs. three large meals. A common mistake is trying to lose weight by starving yourself. Deprivation sends a message to the body to store fat. Eating small meals of proper foods maintain blood sugar levels and will offset hunger.
3. Meals should consist of protein as well as vegetables and fruits. Try to avoid processed foods and artificial sweeteners. Eat whole foods, grains and organically grown food.
4. Plan ahead...carry healthy snacks such as almonds, fruits and whole grain snacks.
5. Do not eat after 8 PM.
6. Always eat breakfast.
7. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Begin each day with 32 ounces of water.
8. Consult a nutritionist. I highly recommend the investment for a consultation with a professional nutritionist. The web offers numerous resources for information on obtaining professional advice.
The following is a suggested cardiovascular program. I recommend cardio-conditioning three to five days a week. While walking on the treadmill pay attention to your gait, striking the entire foot while walking. Focus on your posture as you draw your navel towards your spine, lift your ribcage off your waist and roll the shoulders back.
KR Total Fitness Interval Treadmill Workout:
10 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline starts at 0.0 and finishes at 3.0.
3 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 4.0 ' 5.0
3 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 2.0
3 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 5.0-7.0
2 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 2.0
4 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 4.0 ' 6.0
3 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 2.0
2 minutes, speed 3.5-3.9, incline 9.0
4 minutes, speed 2.5-3.0, incline 1.0, cool down period.
Next week we will continue our program with more flexibility and strength training for the core. Stay in touch and let me know about your progress.
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