Fit for Winter 2006 - Week 6


Building Strength
This week we focus on building strength in the lower body. This specific sequence of yoga poses target the quads, hamstrings, adductors, abductors, glutes, calves and feet.
Flow yoga, a style of yoga is defined as connecting movement and breathing. When one consciously placed the body in specific yoga poses and moves from one pose to the next as in this form of yoga, you begin to develop a deeper awareness of the body. Similarly in golf you need to develop a sense of knowing where your body is positioned. Making adjustments in your swing, either in a lesson or during a round becomes easier when you practice moving your body with intention and awareness.

Lets recap a few key points from previous weeks:
Guidelines for an effective yoga practice and the Fit for winter program are as follows:
  1. Modify, modify, modify the pose ' You should never feel pain while stretching. Slight discomfort in the muscle is acceptable.

  2. Breathe deeply inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Focus on the expansion and contraction of the diaphragm.

  3. Align the body carefully. Pay close attention to maintaining the proper physical alignment.
Here are a few basic guidelines for weight loss and better health:
  1. If your input is much greater than your output you will gain weight. Although it is challenging to effectively burn calories, cardiovascular conditioning is critical for weight loss. The KR Total Fitness Treadmill workout is outlined below.

  2. Eat six small meals a day vs. three large meals. A common mistake is trying to lose weight by starving yourself. Deprivation sends a message to the body to store fat. Eating small meals of proper foods maintain blood sugar levels and will offset hunger.

  3. Meals should consist of protein as well as vegetables and fruits. Try to avoid processed foods and artificial sweeteners. Eat whole foods, grains and organically grown food.

  4. Plan ahead ' carry healthy snacks such as almonds, fruits and whole grain snacks.

  5. Do not eat after 8 PM.

  6. Always eat breakfast.

  7. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Begin each day with 32 ounces of water.

  8. Consult a nutritionist. I highly recommend the investment for a consultation with a professional nutritionist. The web offers numerous resources for information on obtaining professional advice.
Are you ready? Let's get started on this week's exercises....
Lunge with club
Par Level

Yoga for Golfers

Place the right foot forward approximately four feet and lift up as high as possible on the left foot. Draw the navel towards the spine and lift the ribcage off the waist. Bend the left leg slightly and press the left hip towards the front of the room. Inhale and lower the right leg so the knee is at a ninety degree angle. Exhale and slightly straighten the right leg. Repeat five times.
Lunge with club
Birdie / Eagle Level

Yoga for Golfers

Repeat the Par level sequence with the left leg as straight as possible.
Extended side angle pose
All Levels

Yoga for Golfers

Internally revolve the left leg and place the left foot at a forty-five degree angle. See photo. Bring the right elbow to the right knee and extend the left arm towards the ceiling. Revolve the ribcage towards the ceiling. Do not allow the right shoulder to sink towards the right ear. Hold for five breaths.
Warrior II
All Levels

Yoga for Golfers

Focus on the adductors and core as you lift the upper body into the warrior II position. Maintain a straight spine angle. Do not lean too far forward in this pose. Bring your attention back to your breathing as you sink slightly deeper into the right leg. Hold for five more breaths. Switch sides and repeat the entire sequence.
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