Fit for Winter 2006 - Week 8


Building Upper Body Strength
Add this series of upper body and core exercises to last weeks sequence. Practice the entire series four times a week for maximum performance. Remember to breathe deeply and focus on your alignment.
Are you ready? Lets get started!
Down Dog stretch with the ball

Yoga for Golfers

Prepare by drawing the navel towards the spine and stabilizing the core. Place the hands on the outside of the ball and press the hands into the ball.
Yoga for Golfers

On the inhalation hinge from the hips feeling the stretch in the shoulders, hold for three seconds and activate the shoulder muscles by pressing against the ball. On the exhalation, return to the starting position. Repeat five to ten times.
Plank pose series:

This sequence of yoga poses requires a balance of core and upper body strength. Focus on engaging the core by pressing the navel towards the spine. Do not allow the lumbar spine to sink down. Lift in the lower belly and maintain a solid plank position.
Yoga for Golfers

Begin by extending one leg, internally rotating the hip. Press the hands into the floor and lower the upper body towards the floor. Keep the elbows connected to the side of the body. Repeat these push-ups ten times.
Yoga for Golfers

Place the body in the full plank position. The hands are directly under the shoulders. Hold for one minute. If you are feeling powerful, practice five to ten more push-ups.
Power Swing Trainer
Upper Body Swing Strengthening sequence

The Power Swing Trainer (PST) is available in three levels of resistance tubing. It is important to begin with the lightest resistance so you can fully execute your swing. Increase the resistance as necessary. The intention of the PST is to strengthen the golf specific muscles.
Yoga for Golfers Yoga for Golfers

Begin by placing your body in your most athletic golf stance and hold the PST molding golf grip. Take the PST to the top of your backswing and finish at waist height. Repeat ten times. Bring the PST to the top of your backswing and hold for three seconds. Bring the PST to waist height. Repeat ten times.
Yoga for Golfers Yoga for Golfers

Practice your entire swing sequence and hold the finish position for three seconds. Repeat five to ten times. Focus on balance and fully extending the body towards the target.
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