Fitness fixes for Barkley and you - week 2


This week on Golf Channel I continue to be glued to The Haney Project. Personally I find the show to be very compelling. Barkleys engaging personality, his honesty and on air antics combined with instruction from the worlds best golf instructor Hank Haney make for great television. I think the show is so successful because of the primary players as well as the hope it provides for all golfers. The bottom line is that regardless of the extent of your swing flaws, if you work hard, get great PGA instruction, access the best in technology and work on your body, you can get better.
I feel very close to this show because of the new book Hank Haney and I wrote together called Swing Faults and Fitness Fixes which will be in bookstores on August 7th, 2009.
This book evaluates the top ten most common swing flaws, explains the physical correlations to the flaws, includes Hanks perspective as it relates to the flaw and finally we provide you with fitness based solutions specifically applicable to the swing flaw.
Watching Barkley swing we can see that he sometimes struggles with balance, just like the rest of us! Lets take a moment to test your balance in your golf swing. Take a swing and hold your finish position. Can you lift your right foot off the floor and remain in an upright balanced position with your body facing the target?
Basic Balance Test

Stand on one leg and try to balance for thirty to sixty seconds. Chart the amount of time you can hold this position. Challenge yourself more by closing your eyes and mark the time. Practice the following balance exercises daily and re-test yourself in four weeks. Let me know how you are progressing by e-mailing me @

Lift Up Onto Your Toes

Stand with your feet hip width apart. Lift up as high as possible onto your toes. Try to stay balanced. Repeat ten times. Note: this exercise can be performed with or without shoes.

Single Leg Lift to Leg Extended

Bring your knee up, placing your hand around your knee. Hold for five to seven deep breaths. Extend your leg and hold for five to seven more breaths. Switch sides.

XYZ Balance on Stability Ball

Extend your left heel onto the stability ball, balancing on your right leg. Hold the club at shoulder height. Inhale deeply and on your exhale rotate your body to the left. Repeat five times and switch sides.

Single Leg Balance with Club

Bring the club above your head, pull your navel to your spine and step your left foot forward. As you shift your body towards the floor, you lift your right leg. Note: Your body should move as if you are one piece, from your arms to your right foot. Eventually your upper body and right leg will be parallel to the floor. Repeat five to ten times and switch sides. Note: this exercise targets the glutes as well.

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