Fitness fixes for Barkley and you - week 3


This week on The Golf Channel I continue to be glued to The Haney Project. Personally I find the show to be very compelling. Barkleys engaging personality, his honesty and on air antics combined with instruction from the worlds best golf instructor Hank Haney make for great television. I think the show is so successful because of the primary players as well as the hope it provides for all golfers. The bottom line is that regardless of the extent of your swing flaws, if you work hard, get great PGA instruction, access the best in technology and work on your body, you can get better.
I feel very close to this show because of the new book Hank Haney and I wrote together called Swing Faults and Fitness Fixes which will be in bookstores on August 7th, 2009.
This book evaluates the top ten most common swing flaws, explains the physical correlations to the flaws, includes Hanks perspective as it relates to the flaw and finally we provide you with fitness based solutions specifically applicable to the swing flaw.
If you are a basketball fan as I have been for years, you followed Barkleys career. For many years Barkleys power move had to do with his ability to generate power from his squat, duck and leap move. He had an incredible ability to power his lower body with a deep squat, to duck the offensive moves from his competitors as well as power his lower body in a defensive move and to leap great heights to the hoop.
This same power move Barkley used on the court can help you achieve power in your swing. This weeks series of exercises focuses on power generation from the lower body.
Lets begin with a flexibility exercise for the quads, hip flexors, intercostals, the muscles around the ribs and lats.
Hip stretch from lunge position

Begin with the right leg in a lunge position, left leg back with the club in your left hand. Pull your navel towards your spine and lift your ribcage off your waist.
Inhale as you lunge deeply into your left hip feeling the stretch in your left hip flexors and right hamstring. Repeat five times.
Place the club in your left hand and stretch your right arm over your head, focusing on the stretch on your right side, from the right hip to the right shoulder. Hold for ten deep breaths and switch sides.

Bridge position with power leg lifts / Glute strengthener

Place the heels close to your glutes and lift your hips off the floor. Extend your leg to knee height and hold for five breaths. Lift your leg up and down twenty times focusing on the strength in the glute. Switch sides.

Internal / external / balance strengthening exercise

Place the balance ball in front of your body, stabilizing your body with the golf club. Lift your leg up and over the ball twenty times, focusing on the full range of motion in the hips. Switch sides.

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