Fitness fixes for Barkley and you


I read last week that The Haney Project is the highest rated show on The Golf Channel on Monday nights in the history of the channel. Personally I find the show to be very compelling. Barkleys engaging personality, his honesty and on air antics combined with instruction from the worlds best golf instructor Hank Haney make for great television. I think the show is so successful because of the primary players as well as the hope it provides for all golfers. The bottom line is that regardless of the extent of your swing flaws, if you work hard, get great PGA instruction, access the best in technology and work on your body, you can get better.
I feel very close to this show because of the new book Hank Haney and I wrote together called Swing Faults and Fitness Fixes which will be in bookstores on August 7th, 2009.
This book evaluates the top ten most common swing flaws, explains the physical correlations to the flaws, includes Hanks perspective as it relates to the flaw to and finally we provide you with fitness based solutions specifically applied to the swing flaw.
When a client makes an appointment with me I conduct a comprehensive physical and golf assessment. I evaluate their physical restrictions as well as strengths, analyze their posture and work with their PGA pro professional to evaluate their swing mechanics. This process helps me develop a course of action based on the clients golf and fitness goals. If Charles was my client I would take him through this same process. Because he is not my client I will take some liberties as it relates to this series. The next four weeks we will provide fitness solutions for Barkley you.
It is easy to see some of the issues in Barkleys swing but solving the issues should be left to the professionals. I can clearly see the benefits of his weight loss and stretching program. He has dramatically increased his range of motion, which is something we can all benefit from. Getting more turn, range of motion in the trunk and shoulders is a common challenge facing many golfers, especially golfers who lift a lot of weight without the proper flexibility program, older golfers, and over weight golfers.
Need more turn? Lets get started!

Torso /shoulder rotation from the address position

Begin with resistance tubing behind the back, stretching out the chest muscles. Get into a five iron, athletic posture with the knees bent and hinge at the hips. Inhale as your turn your torso to the right, exhale as you revolve the torso to the left. Begin slowly, focusing on the torso rotation and minimal hip rotation. Repeat five times slowly and then repeat ten more times with more explosive, controlled movements.

Shoulder speed drill from the address position

Begin in your address position, palms together. Inhales as you bring your right arm behind your right shoulder, eyes remain on the ball and on your exhale clap the hands together. Repeat five times slowly and ten time with as much speed as possible. Switch sides and repeat.


Lat reach and roll with stability ball

Begin on your knees, hands placed on the outside edges of the stability ball. Lower your torso until you are parallel to the floor. Hold this shoulder stretch for five deep breaths. Inhale as you roll your torso to the left, stabilizing your hips. Focus on the stretch in your lats and shoulders. Exhale to the starting position and switch sides. Repeat five times.


Dolphin twist with ball

Begin on your knees, elbows place on the stability ball, palms together. Lower your torso until your upper body and trunk is parallel to the floor. Relax your head and neck. Hold this stretch for five deep breaths. Inhale as you roll onto your right shoulder, stabilizing your hips. Focus on the deep stretch in the torso and shoulders.
Exhale to the starting position and switch sides. Repeat five times.

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