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This week launches a weekly series that will continue until the end of the year. Each week on we will dedicate our site to a specific aspect of the game and provide you with instruction and tips targeting the challenge.
My fitness tips will provide you with a body / mind series of exercises designed to help you in the specific area of you game. This week we address your iron play. One of the biggest challenges as it relates to irons is consistency. What can we do physically to become more consistent? By facilitating better posture, specifically our ability to maintain a consistent spine angle throughout the entire swing plane, we can become more consistent. Core stability and strength is one of the keys to maintaining a good spine angle.
Typically when we address the core we target all the abdominal, back and glute muscles. For our purposes this week we will address the rectus abdominus, obliques and transverse abdominus.
For the complete core workout download the core section from my website at
Lets get started!
Fitness tip: Focus on your breathing, exhaling on the exertion phase of the exercise. Inhale as you lower your body, exhale as you lift up.
Roll downs with stability ball:
Begin with the knees bent, ball between the hands at shoulder height. Tuck your navel towards your spine and roll down until your lowest rib slightly touches the floor. Exhale as you lift back to the starting position. Remember to move slowly at first until you have mastered the movement and then pick up speed. Repeat ten to twenty times.

Roll downs with oblique twist:
Roll down until your abdominals are activate and on your exhale rotate from your core (the arms follow the body as in the golf swing) and twist left and right. Repeat until muscle fatigue.

Oblique stretch and strengthener on the stability ball:
Place the stability ball directly under your hip. Stabilize the feet against the wall and stretch your obliques, intercostals and lats over the ball. Hold for three deep breaths.
Bring the hands behind your head and on your exhale lift the left shoulder towards your left knee. Repeat until muscular fatigue and switch sides.

See you on The Turn!

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