Flex-Fit golf fitness Balancing Your Posture


Flex-Fit golf fitness: Balancing Your Posture
Last week our FlexFit program worked on balancing the front and back body, specifically the core abdominals and back muscles. This week we continue with our FlexFit methodology of working the anterior and posterior parts of the upper back.
These exercises will help you alleviate the common swing flaw of C posture, defined as the rounding and immobility of the thoracic spine or upper back.
My recommendation is that you practice these exercises everyday, multiple times a day, especially if your lifestyle requires a significant amount of time sitting.
Golf benefits of improving C Posture:
Helps you obtain a balanced address position
Helps you maintain a consistent spine angle throughout your swing plane
Helps you stay down in your swing plane
Reduces soreness in the upper back
Improves everyday posture
My DVD, More Power and Distance offers you a comprehensive upper body workout!
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Here we go!
Rhomboid stretch:
Clasp the hands together at shoulder height, palms facing you. Bend your knees and tuck your pelvis under slightly. Inhale deeply and on the exhale press your hands away from your body, tucking your chin into your chest. On the next inhale squeeze the shoulder blades together. Repeat ten times in each direction.


Chest opener:
Par Level:
Place the hands together behind the back. Tip: if it is a challenge to clasp the hands together use a towel or strap. Bend your knees and tuck your pelvis under slightly. Do not over arch the back. Inhale deeply and on your exhalation roll the shoulders back focusing on the stretch in the chest. Hold for three breaths and repeat five times.


Birdie Level:
Keep the hands together and fold forward. Hold for five deep breaths.


Intercostal / side body stretch:
Place the hands above the head and if necessary use a towel between the hands. Bend the knees and stretch the body to the side. Focus on the stretch in the intercostals and side body. Hold for one breath, switch sides and repeat five times in each direction.


See you on The Turn!

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