Flex-Fit golf fitness Developing a Balanced Body


Flex-Fit golf fitness: Developing a Balanced Body
Have you ever experienced soreness in one side of your body the day after a round of golf? Have you ever felt like you have more power on your right side vs. your left side? From personal experience I can tell you that my right oblique muscles are 30 ' 40% stronger than my left side and when I play golf I feel more tension in my right hip than my left. This imbalance is due to the nature of the swing as well as a by-product of inefficient or improper swing mechanics. When we compensate for poor swing mechanics it can cause an imbalance in the muscle and skeletal systems of the body. Thus, golf is often described as a one sided sport.
It is essential to develop a balanced body. One way to do this is to practice training the opposing muscle groups, such as the abdominals or the front body immediately followed by training the muscles of the back or the back body.
This week we target the core abdominals utilizing a yoga pose called The Boat Pose and the muscles of the back by incorporating the Locust pose. As always I am presenting three levels of intensity which I incorporated into my fitness over eleven years ago ' Par, Birdie and Eagle levels.
Here we go!
Boat pose:
Tip: focus on engaging, initiating and sustaining this pose from the abdominal muscles, not the hip flexors or back. Breathe deeply in and our through the nose. Hold until you reach muscle fatigue.
Par level:
Begin with the knees bent, feet on the floor and squeezing the yoga block between the knees. Roll the upper body towards the floor until you feel the abdominal muscles activated. Extend the arms and hold until muscle fatigue.


Birdie level:
Lift the legs off the floor bringing the knees to a ninety degree angle.


Eagle level:
Extend the legs.


Locust pose:
Par level:
Begin on your belly, face pointed towards the floor, palms touching the floor and legs together. Squeeze the gluts and press the tops of the feet towards the floor. On your exhalation lift the chest off the floor, maintaining contact of the palms and the floor. Hold for five deep breaths. Rest and repeat three times.


Birdie level:
Lift the right arm and left leg. Hold for three breaths and switch sides.
Repeat three times.


Eagle level:
On your exhalation lift the arms and legs at the same time. Hold for three to five breaths, rest and repeat three times.

See you on The Turn!

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