Flex-Fit golf fitness Hip flexibility


Flex-Fit golf fitness: Hip flexibility
The golf season is finally here and for many parts of the country it is long overdue! Perhaps you spent the off season preparing your body for the golf season and if so good for you! If you did not work your body during the off season chances are you feel every practice swing and golf shot in your muscles and joints after the round. A common complaint I hear from golfers in the early part of the season is pain in the back and hips. Im here to help!
This week the Roberts Flex-Fit Method for Golf targets flexibility and strength in the hip flexors, psoas, internal and external rotators of the hips. In addition to adding more power to your swing stretching the muscles supporting the hips has a direct correlation to maintaining a healthy lumbar spine. Remember to integrate the core abdominals muscles before you begin all the poses by slightly drawing the navel towards your spine and lifting the ribcage off the waist.
Golf benefits of these exercises are as follows:
More rotation and control in your hip turn
Increase the ratio of hip to shoulder turn
More power in your swing
Fuller extension in your finish position
Lets get started!

Hip Lift:
Place the right foot approximately one foot away from the left knee as shown in the photo. Your neck, shoulders, arms and hands are relaxed. As always, breathe deeply in and out of the nose for a slow count of four. On your exhalation, slowly lift the right hip towards the ceiling. Inhale and lower slightly while you maintain the action in the lower abdominals. Repeat and now lift the hip higher as you will start in to integrate the lower back. Inhales bring you down, exhales lift you up. Continue for five times on the right and switch sides.


Pigeon pose at the wall:
Place the left foot on the outside of the right knee and bend the right leg. Now bring your body against the wall and sit up as tall as possible. Roll the shoulders back and chest towards the shin of the left leg. Hold for one minute and switch sides.


Bound angle pose / groin / adductor stretch at the wall:
With the back supported against the wall, bring the soles of the feet together, allowing the knees to fall outward. Draw the navel towards the spine; hands clasp the shins as your roll the shoulders back, chest forward. Press the knees towards the floor.
Hold for ten deep breaths.

Total hip stretch:
Begin with the feet wider than your yoga mat, knees bent. Inhale as you lower your legs to the left. Exhale and bring the legs back to the starting position. Switch sides as you move dynamically ten times in each direction.

See you on The Turn!

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