Flex-Fit golf fitness Neck stretches


Flex-Fit golf fitness: Neck stretches
This week rolls out a new series of exercises designed to benefit your game but also designed to give you relief from the discomfort associated with tight, restricted muscles and joints. This series is great for golfers who are very busy (you can do these stretches throughout the day in your office or while watching The Turnokay.shameless promotion) or for older golfers because we use a chair as support in most of the stretches.
For our first week I decided to focus on a series of stretches designed to alleviate pain in the neck and upper traps. Not only will these stretches help you alleviate the daily discomfort associated with tension in the neck but will also help you with the proper head position in your address position.
Here we go!
Seated Neck stretch:
Sit on the edge of your chair, pull your navel in and sit up as tall as possible. Feel as it you are elongating your neck. Gently turn your head to the right.


Hand on cheek:
Gently place your hand on your cheek and with the same amount of pressure as if you were crushing a grape place slight pressure on youre your cheek. Hold for three breaths, remove your hand and switch sides.


Chin to chest neck stretch:
Gently tuck your chin to your chest and place the hands on the back of the head. Gently press into your head, hold for three breaths, remove your hands and lift the head.


Seated trap stretch:
Sit on the edge of your chair, pulling your navel towards your spine. Keep your face pointing towards the front of the room as you tilt your left ear towards your left shoulder. Place the right hand on the bottom of the seat of the chair. Gently pull up on your right hand feeling the stretch in your upper trap.


CAUTION: To get out of this stretch COMPLETELY release your right hand and use your left hand to bring your head back to the starting position. Switch sides.


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