Flex-Fit golf fitness Shoulder Trunk Rotation


Flex-Fit golf fitness: Shoulder / Trunk Rotation
The new Roberts Flex-Fit Method of golf fitness is a hybrid fitness program, compiled from over twenty years as a fitness trainer and student of the game of golf. This comprehensive program focuses on creating balance in the body, working the front and back body as well as all three planes of motion.
In the golf swing we ask our bodies to move in three planes of motion at the same time. Quite the biomechanical feat! In the take away phase of the swing to the top of the backswing the biomechanical movement is often defined as the differential of range of motion from the hips to the shoulders. Commonly referred to the X-Factor, this motion is also referred to as shoulder turn.
The Roberts Flex-Fit Method is based on building blocks of motion. For example you cannot target shoulder turn without addressing stability and mobility in the hips. (This is the reason why last weeks balance program on TGC.com incorporated balance and hip opening exercises). This week we build on the hip exercises by adding stretches designed to stretch the lats and shoulders as well as stabilizing the hips. The flexibility in the upper body, ability to turn the shoulders is also a direct correlation of the ability to stabilize the hips. We refer to this as the stretch / re-coil action of the torso.
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Lets get started!

Lat / tricep stretch with strap:
Bring your right arm up, palm facing you. Allow the elbow to bend with the fingers pointing towards your back. Place the strap in your left hand and bring the strap around your back, clasping the hands around the strap (as shown in the photo). Inhale deeply and on the exhale gently pull on the strap focusing on the stretch in the shoulder, triceps and lats. Repeat this dynamic stretch five times and switch sides.


Twisting shoulder / lat stretch with stabilized hips:
Begin on all fours, hands place under the shoulders. Thread your left arm under the right shoulder until the left shoulder and left ear touch the floor. Tip: place a rolled up towel under your head and shoulder if your shoulder does not touch the floor. Feel the stretch from the shoulder down to the hip!
Pull your navel in as you use your core muscles to stabilize your hips. Hold for five breaths and switch sides.


Revolving torso turn with stabilized hips:
Step the left leg forward, right leg back with a towel placed under your right knee.
Place the right elbow on the left knee and bring the hands together. Pull the navel in, squeeze the legs towards the mid-line of your body and press your right elbow into left leg. Lift up and out of your right shoulder. Tip: notice in the picture my right ear is moving away from my right shoulder. Hold for five deep breaths and switch sides.

See you on The Turn!

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