Flex-Fit for Golf How to draw and fade


This week Mark Lye, PGA professional and Golf Channel analyst,
provides a great tip on how to hit a draw and fade, something we can all use when trying to work the ball. Mark mentions in his tip that you need to align the body around the swing path.
Maintaining a consistent swing path is easier when the core of the body is flexible and strong. The takeaway phase of the golf swing is initiated by your core abdominal muscles, specifically your oblique abdominals. Additionally, core stability protects your back from injury.
Lets get started!
Mark Lyes tip:

Draws and Fades
Flex-Fit for Golf tip for a stronger core and consistent shots!
In this fitness tip I suggest that you practice as many as fifty reps in each position. Remember to honor you body and push to muscle fatigue, rest and repeat for three sets.

Lower Body Power
See you on The Turn!

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