Flex-Fit for Golf Power from your lower body


Every golfer I know is interested in getting more power and distance. There are many physical components that contribute to your power output or in some cases the leakage of power in your swing. 3D motion capture proves that the majority of power is a result of good lower body mechanics, including a proper or efficient kinematic sequence. Many swing faults such as coming over the top or casting are a by product of poor lower body mechanics. To generate more power your lower body must initiate the downswing.
This week I am partnering with a talented, innovative instructor, Martin Hall. Martin provides you with a unique golf drill which helps you feel the separation of the upper and lower body and his drill helps you activate the lower body.
My fitness drill is a series of lower body strengthening exercises using the medicine ball.
Note: These strengthening exercises are most effective when combined with hip, glut and hamstring flexibility exercises. For the more information on swing faults and fitness solutions check www.KRFlexFit.com and click onto the More Power and Distance DVD.
Lets get started!
Swing Power drill from Martin Hall
Katherines Lower body power drill with medicine ball
See you on The Turn!

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