Flexibility Conditioning - Week 4


This week continues our lower back flexibility series. Last year in the United States over 90 billion dollars were spent on costs related to back pain. Regardless of the source of pain, caused by repetitive strain injuries such as the golf swing or the result of a sedentary lifestyle, the fact remains that too many people suffer with back pain. Life is too short to live everyday with chronic pain!
Your golf swing requires a flexible lumbar spine. The benefits include an increase rotation, power, endurance, consistency and confidence.
Childs pose:

Katherine Roberts

Note: If you are challenged with knee flexion or cannot sit on your heels place a rolled up towel in the crease of your knee. This tool increases the angle of the knee. Sit back on your heels, place the hands at the top of the mat and press the hands forward. Feel your sit bones pressing towards the heels. Breathe deeply and focus on the low back stretch. Hold for ten to twenty breaths.
Dynamic Twist with blocks under the knees:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

On your side, knees bend and placed on a yoga block. Inhale as you bring the hands together and exhale as you open the chest and twist the arms to an open position. Repeat ten times and then hold the open rotation for one minute. Breathe deeply. Switch sides.
Chest Opener on foam roller or towels:

Katherine Roberts

Place a foam roller (available at www.KRTotalFitness.com) under the entire length of the spine. Note: It is important that you are sitting on the roller and not causing any arch in the lumbar spine. Support the head and neck as well. Bend the knees and allow the arms to open, resting in the floor, palms facing up. Hold for one to three minutes.
Incorporate this week and last weeks back exercises to begin to build your daily back program. Have a great week! - - Katherine
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