Flexibility Conditioning - Week 5


Lower Body
Over the last four weeks you have experienced a series of comprehensive flexibility conditioning programs targeting the following aspects of the body, which specifically benefit your golf performance.
The benefits of this flexibility series:
  1. Generate more club head speed and distance off the tee.

  2. Increasing your range of motion.

  3. Increasing hip and shoulder turn ' generated more power

  4. Increasing flexibility in the erector spinae muscles ' generating more consistency and strength

  5. Increasing endurance and reducing the risk of injury.
The four week flexibility conditioning re-cap:
Week One - Warming Up!
Week Two - Shoulders and Upper Back
Week Three - Rotation Equals Power
Week Four - Hip Power!
Now lets stretch the lower body!
Standing quad stretch:

Yoga for Golfers

Place the stretch out strap in the left hand and around the left foot. Engage the gluts on the left side as you press the left hand into the left foot increasing the intensity of the stretch in the left quad and hip flexors. Hold for three breaths and repeat five times. Switch sides.
Triangle pose / adductor stretch and better balance:

Yoga for Golfers

Step the left foot forward approximately four feet, placing the left foot parallel to the edge of the yoga mat. Revolve the right leg inward and engage the adductor or inner thigh muscles. Draw the navel towards the spine and slide the left hand down the left leg. Revolve the ribcage towards the ceiling focusing on the foundation of the lower body in relationship to the rotation of the torso. Hold for five breaths and switch sides.
Dynamic hand to foot pose with strap:

Yoga for Golfers

Place the strap in the right hand and around the right foot. Inhale as you slightly bend the right leg as pictured and on the exhalation extend the right leg as straight as possible without hyper-extending the knee. Note: Focus on pressing the right heel towards the ceiling and spread the toes as far apart as possible. Hold in the extended position for two breaths, bend the knee and repeat five times. Switch sides.
Forward fold for hamstrings, Achilles and foot flexibility:

Yoga for Golfers

Sitting as tall as possible, extend your legs. Engage your quads, flex your feet towards you and spread the toes as wide as possible. Inhale deeply as you lengthen your spine. Exhale and fold forward allowing your head to relax in the pose. Hold for ten breaths.
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