Flexibility for Golf and Health


Flexibility conditioning encompasses three elements:
  • dynamic, the stretch is held for a duration of 2 ' 3 seconds

  • static, the stretch is held for 20 seconds to one minute.

  • Assisted when you utilize the resistance of another trainer or
    piece of fitness apparatus to increase the intensity of the stretch by utilizing the opposing muscles. Example: Pressing your hamstring into a Thera-ball as you extend the leg engages the quad and increases the hamstring stretch. More on this topic later in the series.
Our mission in this program is to keep it short and simple, establish reasonable, obtainable results, with NO excuses necessary! This week we will target the low back, hamstrings, shoulders, and chest or pec muscles.


Place the tubing around the right leg and either extend or keep the left leg bent. Flex the right quad, press the toes towards you and the heel away from you. Inhale and slightly bend into your right knee, exhale, pull on the tubing and extend the leg again. Repeat five times and then hold for twenty seconds. Switch sides.
Dynamic Low Back Warm-Up:

Low Back

Feet remain on the floor or for more intensity lift the heels off the floor.
Inhale deeply and rock the knees to one side, shoulder stay on the floor. Exhale and using the oblique muscles return the legs to the original position. Repeat ten times
Standing Chest Opener:

Chest Opener

Clasp the hands behind the back, if necessary use the tubing between the hands. Bend the knees, draw the navel towards the spine and inhale. Exhale and roll the shoulders back feeling the stretch in the chest. Hold for fifteen seconds, relax and repeat five times.
Upper Back / Shoulder Girdle Stretch:

Upper Back / Shoulder Girdle

Part One: Facing the Thera-Ball, place the forearms with the elbows bent on the ball. Inhale and draw the navel towards the spine, exhale and press into the ball as you move it away fro your body. Note: relax the neck. Inhale and return to the original position.
Upper Back / Shoulder Girdle

Part Two: Place the elbows directly under your shoulders and now roll the Thera-Ball to one side. Roll the ball until your shoulder is completely rotated. See the picture. Exhale and return to the original position and switch sides. Repeat five times.
If you feel you need more flexibility in the erector spinae muscles, add the cat/cow pose to the series as I have demonstrated in earlier articles and on my DVDs.
Please keep me informed of your progress and let me know if you have any questions! I will see you all live from the PGA Show as the health and fitness correspondent for The Golf Channel.
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