Four weeks fore more flexibility - week 4


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A recent readers poll from Golf Fitness Magazine tells us the number one issue facing golfers is lack of flexibility. Typically when I work with my students, flexibility is the first line of attack. I want my golfers to get flexible, then I work on stability or strength and then we incorporate speed based exercises.
When I stretch my clients I like to work the body from the larger muscle groups and core to the smaller muscle groups, incorporating dynamic movements. This method raises the bodys temperature and increases the heart rate. Additionally my new program called The Roberts Flex-Fit Method (RFFM) is designed to bring more balance to the body. We stretch and strengthen the muscles of the front body as well as the muscles of the back body. For more information on RFFM check out my new book with Hank Haney, Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes @
To date our series has addressed the lower body, targeting the hamstrings, glutes, hips and low back. Additionally we focused on the core, specifically the spine, abdominals and chest.
This week we will address the upper body, specifically the shoulders.
My suggestion is to print out the entire four week series and use the exercises at least three to four days a week.
Lets get started!
Standing pec stretch at the wall

Place your right hand against the wall, palm placed lower than shoulder height. On your exhalation press your chest away from the wall, focusing on the stretch in your pecs. Repeat five times and switch sides.

Upper back / Rhomboid rotation

Begin facing the wall, left foot touching the wall and your right leg back, internally rotating your right leg and foot at a 45 degree angle. Pull your navel in and lengthen your spine. Place your right hand on the wall and on your exhale rotate your trunk and left arm to the left. Repeat dynamically five times and hold for five more deep breaths. Switch sides.

Downdog / shoulder stretch at the wall

Place the hands wider than shoulder width apart, slightly lower than your shoulders. Walk the legs back and lower your upper body until you create a ninety degree angle from your upper body to your legs. Roll your shoulders away from your ears and focus on the stretch in the upper back and shoulders. Hold for five deep breaths.

Dolphin / shoulder rotation on the ball

Place the elbows on the ball, palms together. Pull your navel towards your spine as you stabilize your lower body. Inhale deeply as you roll onto your left shoulder, lifting the right elbow off the ball. Exhale as you return to your starting position. Switch sides and repeat ten times.


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