Four Weeks to a Strong Back - Week 1


Introducing the Total Golfer's Back Program:
A Four Week Series

53% of amateur golfers and 30% of professional golfers will play with an injured back this year. In America, more than 50 billion health care dollars are spent on costs related to back pain. In the next four weeks I will present a series of yoga poses specifically will address the most common and significant physical issue facing golfers - - the back.
Each week we will roll out the fundamentals of a series of yoga poses that will stretch and strengthen the back muscles, build core abdominals strength provide you with a comprehensive back program. As we continue the intensity of poses will increase and at the end of the series you will have a TOTAL GOLFERS BACK CONDITIONING SYSTEM.
There are many styles or forms of yoga, some which maintain a process of continuous movement such as Dynamic or Flow yoga and some which are more static where the student holds the poses for a longer duration of time. This week will work with the concept of Flow yoga, keeping a continuous movement as we practice the pose. This style is great for warming up stiff muscles and preparing the body for a deeper, longer stretch. Most importantly it will help you prepare for golf. Although these poses may look familiar and seem rudimentary they become the foundation for the back series.
Knee to Chest poses:

Knee to Chest

As you inhale, bring the knee into the chest. Slowly exhale and lower the leg. Switch sides and continue this movement for fifteen repetitions. Once complete, inhale as you bring both knees into the chest, exhale and release the legs but do not let the feet come back to the floor. Repeat the legs into the chest ten more times.
Cat / Cow position:

Cat / Cow

On all fours, hands placed under the shoulders, knees under the hips. Inhale, pull the navel towards the spine, spine towards the ceiling and tuck the chin into the chest. Exhale and drop the spine towards the floor, roll the shoulders away from the ears. Repeat in this flowing style for a set of ten.
Childs pose:

Child pose

From all fours, bring the buttocks towards the heels, stretching the arms away from you towards the front of the mat. Inhale bringing the body back to the original position. Repeat ten times.
Dynamic Twist:

Dynamic Twist

Place the arms perpendicular to the body, lift the feet off the floor, bringing the knees to the chest. Inhale as you slowly lower the knees to the right. Focus on the core as you exhale bring the knees back to the chest. Switch sides and repeat ten times. Practice this warm-up back series five days this week.if possible morning and evening.
Next week we will begin to focus on a series of exercises that will increase your core abdominals and your back.
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