Four Weeks to a Strong Back - Week 3


This week we target three areas affecting a healthier, stronger, more powerful back - - a strengthening core abdominal and back pose and two poses that target the hamstrings, a common physical challenge that has a direct correlation to a back health.
Begin your yoga fitness program by practicing week one and two and then incorporate week three. I recommend you practice at least one series of The Total Golfers Back Program three days a week, pre-round and post-round. Ready? Here we go!
Abdominal Oblique pose:
Birdie Level

Begin with the core conditioning, abdominal series as presented over the week one and two. Once you feel the core of your body is warmed up incorporate this new abdominal pose.
Oblique Leg Extended pose

Begin with the knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Lift the legs off the floor, pressing the abdominals towards the low back. Maintain this action in the lower abdominals at all times. Bring the right shoulder to the left knee on the exhalation. Slowly switch sides. Focus on the shoulder moving towards the knee, not just the elbow. Repeat fifteen times. If you feel any discomfort in the low back return to keeping the feet on the floor.
Hand to Foot pose with a towel or strap:
Par Level

Yoga for Golfers - Lying down hamstring stretch

Bring the strap around the right foot, keeping the left knee bent, and foot on the floor. Relax the head, neck and shoulders on the floor. Maintain a completely straight right leg, flexing the right foot towards your face, pressing the heel towards the ceiling. Hold for a slow count of twenty and switch sides.
Hand to Foot pose
Birdie / Eagle Level

Yoga for Golfers - Core Strengthener

Straighten the right leg flexing the right foot towards you. Engage the right quad intensifying the pose. Hold for a slow count of ten and switch sides.
Cobra pose:

Cobra pose

Lying on your belly, bring the palms in line with the chest, elbows tucked against the body. Squeeze the legs together; engage the gluts, navel towards the spine and tailbone moves downward. Lift the chest off the floor, using the muscles of the back, not the hands. Hold for a slow count of ten and repeat three times. Move slowly into a childs pose (as presented in week one) and hold for a minute.
Next week our focus will be on twisting poses that support a healthy back as well as detoxify the organs.
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