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It all originates from the hips!
Have you every felt the 'acheness' in your hips during or after your round? Have you ever been in a lesson with your PGA pro who asked you to isolate your hip turn and you could not deliver? No worries my are not alone! Through 3-D motion analysis we now know that power is generated from the legs to the hips and continues up the torso to the shoulders, arms, hands and eventually the club. Flexibility and strength in the muscles and joints of the hips are a critical component to harnessing your maximum power. This week we specifically address the adductors or inner thigh muscles which enable you to more effectively internally and externally rotate the hips.
Lets get started!
Head to knee pose:

Katherine Roberts

Extend the right leg and pull the left foot to the inside of the right knee or right inner thigh.
Katherine Roberts

Flex your right foot towards you, flex your right quad, pull your right hip back and rotate your torso directly over the right quad.
Katherine Roberts

Pull the navel towards the spine and on the exhalation fold forward as much as possible. Relax the neck. Hold for five to ten deep breaths and switch sides.
Seated quad / hip flexor pose:

Katherine Roberts

Place two yoga blocks and two towels under your gluts and rest the gluts on the towels.
Katherine Roberts

If this causes discomfort in the knees use more than two towels.
Katherine Roberts

Place the hands behind you, internally rotate your hips and lift the hips off the towels focusing on the stretch in the quads and hip flexors. Hold for five breaths and repeat three times.
Frog pose:

Katherine Roberts

Separate the knees and place the hips and knees at a ninety degree angle.
Katherine Roberts

Lower the hips as close as possible to the floor. Place the elbows directly under the shoulders and relax the neck. Hold for one minute and repeat three times.
Tip: Pull the navel towards the spine supporting the back.
Next week we tackle one of the most requested issues on golf ' your neck and upper back! Stay tuned!
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