Getting a Hard Core Core - Week 2


As we roll out the second of our four week core conditioning series, my intention is to provide you with a comprehensive, innovative, exercise program.
Last week we targeted the upper and lower abdominals with the plank position and knee to chest crunches. By this week you should have practiced these exercises at least three times and will be feeling the effects in your abs.
This week's series focuses on the obliques by using a side plank position. You can see in the following pictures that my obliques muscles engage even before I lift my hips by using my core. Focus on the lower abs, pulling them towards the spine, engage the obliques and then lift the hips. Keep the extraneous movements to a minimum. Similarly in the golf swing, the movement is compact, centered and powerful.
This weeks series is to be added to what you have already started in week one. The number of exercises and areas of the core abdominals that are worked will increase each week as progress to week four.
Oblique Lifts - PAR Level:
Sitting on your left hip bring the heels behind you, knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Place the left hand directly under the shoulder. Inhale, focusing on the abdominals as described above, exhale lifting the hips up. Repeat five times, hold for a count of ten and switch sides.
Yoga 4 Golfers Yoga 4 Golfers

Oblique Lifts - BIRDIE / EAGLE Levels:
Set up the body the same way as the Par level but extend the legs out straight. Engage the abdominals and lift the hips off the floor, balancing the body on the outside edge of the left foot and the left hand. Repeat ten times, hold for a count of ten and switch sides.
Yoga 4 Golfers Yoga 4 Golfers

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