Getting a Hard Core Core - Week 4


During this hard core abdominal series it is my intention to give you a comprehensive core conditioning program that targets the entire abdominal area of the body.
To recap the last three weeks:
Week one: The Plank position series
Week two: The Oblique lifting series
Week three: The Slow crunch
Now in week four we will incorporate The Boat series targeting all the abdominals as well as some of the back muscles. During this segment focus on maintaining an uplifted chest, shoulders rolling back, head lifted ' in other words do not allow the chest to collapse. To increase the intensity of the pose and incorporate the TVA, place a towel between the adductors.
Boat pose: Preparation

Boat pose - preparation

Place your feet flat on the floor, hands around the legs as you support yourself in an upright position. Draw the navel inward as you focus on the abdominals. Breathe!
Boat pose: PAR Level

Boat pose - par level

Remove the hands from the legs and lift the legs slightly off the floor. Hold for a slow count of ten to twenty and repeat three times.
Boat pose: Birdie Level

Boat pose - birdie level

Lift the legs off the floor and place the knees at a 90 degree angle. Hold for a slow count of ten to twenty. Slowly pulse the knees towards the chest, exhaling on the exertion. Repeat ten times.
Boat pose: Eagle Level

Boat pose - eagle level

Extend the legs, flexing the feet towards the face. Hold for a slow count of ten to twenty.
This series is about core stabilization, power and control in your swing. The rock hard abs look great at the beach, but more distance off the tee is even better!
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