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The next series of articles will focus on common swing flaws and the physical relationships to those flaws. Over the years I've had the privilege of working with thousands of golfers, assisting them in the process of alleviating their swing flaws. In the past, we did not have the benefits of technology to evaluate their issues. However, now I use 3D motion-analysis, as well as physical assessments, to make the correlation between swing flaws and their physical mobility and stability restrictions. There is no doubt in my mind that restrictions and weaknesses in the body are the major contributors of swing flaws. For example, if you cannot get your torso to make a turn, cannot rotate your hips, or you are out of balance, swing flaws will occur.
Stan Utley is a friend, PGA Tour putting coach and contributor to my DVD, Lower Your Score. Check out Stans putting tips at Stan believes the putting stroke specifically the action of the upper body begins with mobility and movement in the thoracic spine, the mid-back area. If you are tight in this part of the body it may create an inconsistent putting stroke.
Body check
Do you have a curve in your upper spine? Do you have rounded shoulders? Here is a way to check your posture. Stand facing the mirror. Do the backs of your hands face the mirror? If so there is a good chance you have tight chest muscles and a rounded, inflexible mid-back.
The following exercises will help you increase the flexibility in your thoracic spine, helping you with a more consistent putting stroke.
Chest opener on the ball:
Begin on your back and slide your body down the ball until your head is supported.
Use your glutes to lift your hips parallel to the floor. Open the arms at shoulder height or slightly lower and rest in this position for three minutes.
Katherine Roberts Chest opener on the ball
Standing mid and upper back stretch:
Begin with the feet hip width apart, knees slightly bent, hands clasped and arms extended at shoulder height. Press your hands away from your body and tuck your chin into your chest. Hold for five deep breaths and repeat three times.
Katherine Roberts Standing mid and upper back stretch
Katherine Roberts Standing mid and upper back stretch

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