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There are many physical components that contribute to your power output or in some cases the leakage of power in your swing. 3D motion capture proves that the majority of power is a result of good lower body mechanics, including a proper or efficient kinematic sequence. Many swing faults such as coming over the top or casting are a by product of poor lower body mechanics. To generate more power your lower body must initiate the downswing.
An efficient sequence
The Kinematic sequence of the golf swing is an efficient coiling or acceleration in the body as well as an efficient deceleration of the body. This action is how we harness power. The sequence begins in the lower body, travels to the torso or trunk, the shoulders, the arms and out to the club at the top of the backswing. If the sequencing is efficient the downswing begins with the activation of the lower body, torso, shoulders, arms and the club. Swing flaws occur when this order of sequencing is inefficient.
A strong lower body supports a stronger foundation, proper weight distribution; increases speed and follow through for greater accuracy and distance.
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The Crescent lunges and Triangle poses provides a more stable, powerful foundation and give you the ability to generate more power off the tee. In addition these poses will assist in the weight transfer portion of the golf swing by supporting flexibility in the feet and ankles. The Bridge pose increases strength in the gluts as well as increase flexibility in the hip flexors and psoas giving you more extension in the finish position.
Crescent Lunges: Begin standing with the feet hip width apart and the stability ball at chest height. Place the left foot forward bringing the knee to a ninety degree angle and the ball at your chest. Maintain an upright posture. Be sure the knee is NOT placed over the foot. Inhale as you bend your front knee, moving deeper into the pose and exhale returning to the starting position. Repeat five to ten reps and then hold for five breaths. Switch sides.

Triangle pose: Place the left foot forward approximately four feet. Rotate the right leg and foot inward. Maintain the left knee directly in line with the left foot. Flex your left quad. Slide the left hand down the left leg, lifting the right arm. Note: I sometimes use a stability ball as a prop, reminding me to activate the adductors and feel as if I am hugging the ball towards the mid-line of my body. Feel free to remove the ball. For more support practice this pose with your back against the wall. Hold for ten breaths and switch sides.

Bridge pose with feet on the stability ball: Lying on the back, knees bent, place your feet on the stability ball. Press the navel towards the spine, as the low back presses firmly against the floor. Hold for five breaths. Now lift the buttocks off the floor engaging the glutes. Hold for five to ten breaths.

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