Giving Thanks


This week we will take the time off from the physical action of yoga and exercise the mental action of intention and gratitude.
In the ancient language of yoga, Sanskrit, there is a term called San Kalpa Shakti. It refers to the power one possesses to manifest their intentions. It is a universal law that states what we focus on we create. If we focus on concepts such as gratitude, creativity, imagination, love and abundance and we do the necessary footwork to bring these principles into our lives we will manifest them.
Yoga 4 GolfersSimilarly in golf, if we focus on tension, anger, frustration, and the water hazard, we will usually manifest our thoughts into actions. We have all experienced focusing on the fear of hitting the ball into the water and the next sound we hear is an unforgiving splash.
Our yoga this week is about gratitude. Between bites of turkey and pumpkin pie take the time for gratitude and begin to reflect on your intentions for 2006. Some of my intentions for this year were to foster care more dogs, bring yoga and wellness to as many people as possible and get my handicap down to a 10. Acceptance is another very important yoga principle. (I am still an eighteen handicap)
I give thanks to all of you who embrace my teaching and who share in my passion for golf.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving! Next week we will begin a new fitness program for winter golf conditioning.
Happy holidays,
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