Grab a Chair and Warm-up


Between changing into your golf shoes and hitting the practice range, grab a chair in the locker room and warm-up for your round. Before you begin stretching, begin some deep breathing while standing with the feet hip width apart. Breathing will increase blood flow to the muscles, preparing the body for the yoga poses. Begin by inhaling, bringing the arms over the head. Feel the ribcage expanding as you lengthen in the waist. Exhale, lowering the arms down. Repeat five to ten times.
Standing Forward Fold or Folding while seated:

Forward fold standing Forward fold seated

Sitting on the edge of the chair, legs apart, allow the body to fold forward releasing any tension in the low back. Let the head hand down releasing tension in the neck. If you are more flexible you can stand, continue folding forward. Hold for five to ten breaths. Come out of the pose slowly so you do not feel lightheaded.
Standing Rhomboid stretch:

Rhomboid stretch

Place feet slightly wider than hip width apart. Bend knees and draw the navel towards the spine supporting the back. Lace hands together in front of body and drop arms slightly lower than shoulder height. Press hands and arms away from the upper body. Feel the stretch in the upper back. Increase intensity by tucking the chin towards the chest. Hold for ten breaths.
Standing Twist with foot on chair,
transitioning into a Forward Fold hamstring stretch:

Standing Twist with foot on chair Forward fold standing Forward fold with the leg straight

Facing the chair, place your left foot on the chair, right leg is straight, with the heel lifted, or, flat on the floor. Be sure the right knee is not more than a ninety degree angle. Draw the navel towards the spine, telescoping the ribcage upwards. Engage the buttocks on the right side, pressing the right hip towards the chair. Begin to twist towards the left . Now straighten the left leg and fold forward. Feel the stretch in the left hip and hold for five to ten breaths. Switch sides.
Standing Chest Opener:

Standing Chest Opener

Stand with feet hip width apart, slightly bend knees and draw navel towards the spine supporting the low back. Clasp hands behind back, bringing the fleshy part of the palm together. Roll the shoulder open and hold for five breaths. Fold forward allowing the hands to come over the head. Hold for five breaths.
Standing Quad stretch:

Quad stretch

Balancing on the right leg, place the left foot in the left hand. Keep the knees in alignment with each other, draw navel inward and press the hip towards the front of the mat. Press the foot towards the hand creating more resistance in the quadriceps and hip flexors. Hold for five breaths and switch sides.
Standing Twist with club behind shoulders:

Twisting club behind shoulders

Standing with feet wider than hip width apart (simulating golf stance) tilt at the hips placing golf club directly behind shoulder blades. Draw the navel in, telescope the ribcage up and inhale deeply. Exhale twisting the left shoulder toward the right side, looking downward. Hold on the right side for 5-10 breaths. Visualize the desired rotation in your back swing. Slowly release out of the pose moving to the other side and hold for 5-10 breaths.
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