A Healthy Back Week 3


Increasing Your Spinal Rotation
Golf is a rotational sport. This concept of rotation refers to the fact that the body, specifically the spine, is required to rotate, coil and uncoil during the dynamic phase of the swing.
The body is an incredible tool. Your body will do its best to accommodate what the mind asks of it. For example, when your mind asks your body to hit the golf ball your body will accommodate the request, regardless of your physical abilities. If your body is not capable of efficient rotation during the swing we will often experience swing flaws such as chicken wing arms, sway, lifting up, etc The physical manifestation of swing flaws are often pain and injury.
This week our yoga postures focus on developing more rotation, specifically in the spine as well and targeting the hamstrings, lumbar spine and adductor muscles ' all components of developing a healthy back!
Tips for maximizing the benefits of your yoga poses:
  • Pull the navel inward towards the spine and elongate the spine by lifting the ribcage off the waist.
  • Inhale deeply and twist on the exhalation.
  • Initiate the twist from the lowest part of your spine and NOT your cervical spine.
Here we go!
Head to Shin pose:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Extend the right leg and place the left foot on the inside of the knee or if you are more flexible place the left foot on the inner thigh. Revolve your torso over the right thigh. Flex the right foot towards you and flex the right quad. Lengthen the spine and maintain an upright posture.
Katherine Roberts

Fold over the right leg and hold for five to seven breaths. Switch sides.
Revolving Twist with yoga block:

Katherine Roberts

Place the block on the outside of the right knee. Bring the right hand behind the back and lengthen the spine. Place the left hand on the block and twist on the exhalation. Repeat five to seven times and switch sides.
If you need yoga blocks, please see our Product section on www.Yogaforgolfers.com.
Seated Twist:

Katherine Roberts Katherine Roberts

Cross the right foot over the left knee. Bring the left arm behind the back and lengthen the spine. Bring the right elbow on the outside of the left knee and twist from the trunk towards the left. Hold for five to seven breaths and switch sides.
Next week will finalize our healthy back series with more back strengthening yoga poses.
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