Less is More Deep Flexibility Conditioning


Running late for your tee time, changing your shoes in the parking lot (very bad etiquette) and not taking the time to warm up is the norm on a summer day at most golf courses.
We spend the majority of the day running, going and doing. When was the last time you simply remained still? The concepts of yin and yang, sun and moon, male and female are also applied to the practice of yoga. Yang, characterized as the intense physical yoga practice requires the balance of yin, the less active but equally intense yoga postures.
This week we practice two yoga postures, a supported rotation and hip opener incorporating yin yoga. The objective is to allow gravity to move you deeper into the stretch. Focus on the breathing and allow your body to sink deeper into the pose with each exhalation. These poses assist in stretching the connective tissue and bring a sense of calm to the mind and body.
Note: This style of flexibility conditioning is performed in addition to our other dynamic, static and active elongation stretches. It is not intended as part of a daily yoga for golfers practice. Practice yin yoga three days a week.
Katherine Roberts

Supported rotation:

On your back, place the arms perpendicular to your body. Bend the knees placing the feet close to the gluts. Rotate the lower body to the right. Place yoga blocks under the knees so you are able to rest in the rotation for three to five minutes. Breathe deeply and gently switch sides.
Supine bound angle pose:

Laying on your back, bring the soles of your feet together allowing the knees to fall to the side. Place the yoga blocks under the knees supporting the extension of the adductor stretch. Tuck the tail bone under reducing the arch in the lower back.
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