Maximum Performance - Week 1


The Kinetic Link
The Kinetic link refers to the sequence of physical movements in the golf swing. Specifically, the sequence of body parts which accelerate and then decelerate in your swing. For example, the legs, hips, trunk shoulders, arms and hands fire in a specific sequence. Most golfers are unaware of these movements because they occur in less than two seconds.
One of the greatest physical benefits of yoga is awareness of the body. Knowledge of ones body moves in space is called proprioception. If we wish to maximize our potential we need to develop awareness of the body. With awareness comes change.
Over the next few weeks, the yoga- based conditioning will target the body from the feet to the finger tips. I will include flexibility as well as strength building exercises and tips for motor function conditioning.
You will need a Thera-Ball, strength tubing, a weighted ball and a yoga mat for this series.
Before you begin, practice a couple of warm-up poses to prepare the body. A cat/cow pose, childs pose, dynamic twist and chest opener pose are great to get the joints lubricated and muscles warm. (Note: all the poses I mentioned are available in my archived articles)
The golf benefits of this weeks pose:
  • Supports more power generated in the lower body ' more power equals more distance.

  • Strengthens the gluts ' hip turn and speed in your swing ' more power and consistency.

  • Strengthens the core obliques ' stabilizes the core for more consistency and greater rotation.

Crescent Lunges with Core Rotation:

Crescent Lunge

Begin standing tall, drawing the navel towards the spine, ribcage lifted, weighted ball placed against the abdomen and get focused on your balance. Pick a spot on the floor approximately four feet in front of your yoga mat. Inhale deeply as you step the left foot forward approximately four feet (do not allow the knee to come past the toes).
Crescent Lunge with core rotation

Exhale as you extend your arms away from the body and twist FROM YOUR CORE (not just the shoulders). On the next exhalation, return to the starting position and switch sides. Repeat five to ten times on each side.
Be sure to watch the Golf Channels Makeover Challenge presented by Golf Galaxy airing in early May. I will teaching many of these exercises during the show. Check out the upcoming Katherine Roberts Fitness Performance Golf School located in Scottsdale, AZ., March 24- 26th, 2005. For details log on @
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