Maximum Performance - Week 2


Your Power Source: The Glutes
As a golf fitness performance specialist for the last 18 years I observe reoccurring challenges with my golfers. One consistent challenge is the inability to fire the glutes. Specifically many golfers are challenged with the concept of loading the right side and generating power from the hips.
These next two yoga poses, The Chair and Bridge pose will build strength in the glutes and wake up the ability to generate more distance in off the tee!
Chair pose:

Yoga / Fitness Ball exercises

Standing tall, feet placed hip width apart. Press the navel towards the spine, slightly press the tailbone under or tilt the pelvis under and lift the ribcage upward. Inhale deeply as you sit as if sitting down in a chair or on the ball. Repeat ten times and hold for a slow count of ten. Note: for more explosive power, slightly pulse the hips up and down ten times. This will make the muscles of the hips and quads burn. Continue until muscle failure.
Bridge pose:

Yoga / Fitness Ball exercisesYoga / Fitness Ball exercises

Begin by placing the heels close to the glutes, feet hip width apart and drive the navel towards the spine. Inhale deeply and on the exhale lift the hips as high as possible. Repeat ten times and hold for ten breaths.
Par Level: Feet flat on the floor with the heels placed close to the glutes.
Birdie Level: Feet placed on the seat of the chair.
Eagle Level: Feet placed on the Thera-Ball.
Next week - - Generating power from the torso!
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