Maximum Performance - Week 4


Coordinating the Body, Mind and Rotation
The root of the work yoga is yug which in the language of Sanskrit means union. Union of the body, mind and breath is the foundation of every yoga pose. There are many methods of preparing the mind and body, usually through the use of breathing and focus. This week is an exercise that literally awakens the nervous system to the concept of rotation. By using the eyes and simple physical movements the body understands it is being requested to initiate rotation.
Step One:

To prove the effectiveness of this simple exercise, begin by determining your baseline. Stand tall, feet hip width apart and lift your right hand on an inhalation. On the exhalation rotate the torso to the right, allowing the eyes to follow the hand. Look over the right fingers and mark a spot on the wall (or in this case, behind me the ocean!) and remember that spot. Repeat on the other side. After the exercise we will return to this baseline rotation and you will see a remarkable increase in rotation.
Katherine Roberts

Step Two:

On the next inhalation, raise the right arm again. On the exhalation, rotate the arm towards the back of the room but now the eyes follow the hand without turning the head. Once the hand leaves your peripheral vision, return the arm to the starting position. Repeat ten times and switch sides.
Katherine Roberts

Step Three:

On the next inhalation, raise the arm again. On the exhalation, rotate the arm towards the right and turn the head to the left while the eyes follow the right hand. Stop when the hand leaves your peripheral vision. Repeat ten times and switch sides.
Return to the baseline rotation and chart your progress in percentages. Are you now able to rotate 20 ' 40 % more? Remember that 20% more rotation can translate into 20 more yards!!!
Katherine Roberts

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